Our People

Our most important resources are our skilled and dedicated people. QV's objective is to sustain and develop people within our competitive market, particularly through flexible work options, study support and programmes to promote our future leaders.


We support our people to lead healthy lives with flexibility to balance their personal and work lives. QV also has a strong focus on performance and provide remuneration that enables employees to maximise their earnings through their own efforts, as well as providing a career path for them to grow and develop.

Read about the career paths of a few of our QV stars...

QVhomevalue Auckland manager James Wilson

James Wilson

At University James was awarded a QV Scholarship and began working at QV first for QVratingvalue and and an opportunity came to transfer to QVhomevalue.  James achieved his Valuer registration, and following that he applied for and won the role of Northern QVhomevalue Manager.


What do you do at QV?


I'm relishing the oppourtunity to lead a team of diverse and experienced registered and graduate valuers who complete a range of valuation services.


What’s your favourite thing about working at QV?


I enjoy that QV is a modern,social workplace.  QV invests in modern technology early, and sees the value of bringing in younger property professionals into the business. The job security and flexibility is a huge bonus, for instance after working here for a few years I wanted to travel, and my manager was open to keeping my job available for me when I returned. 

Registered Valuer Nicola Waldon from Auckland

Nicola Waldon

As a recent graduate, Nicola joined QV in 2006.  She began cutting her teeth on the wide range of valuation services that QV is known for.  Her most recent goal was to gain registration which she did in February 2016, and now she helps train graduates at QV to gain their registration.


What do you do at QV?


Primarily I perform full market and insurance valuations for home owners and investors in the residential North Shore and Rodney areas of Auckland.   In Auckland, market values have been charging upwards over the last few years, as a Valuer, it is a fascinating market to be involved in.  


What's your favourite thing about working at QV?


Being part of an experienced and knowledgable team is awesome.  QV is very supportive of me furthering my career, and there is such a variety of valuation work coming through our doors that no two days are the same.

Hoa Quan

Hoa's QV journey started in 1998 in Business Support in Auckland and he's now an Account Manager for QVratingvalue Wellington.


What do you do at QV?


I joined the Business Support team at QV Auckland in 1998.  After three years I moved into the QV Rating team, where I could get out of the office and assess a variety of properties.  Quotable Value offered to support my study towards a Valuer qualification, and supported me with financial assistance and flexible hours to fit in classes and exams.  After completing my qualification, I was promoted internally to Account Manager in the QVratingvalue Wellington team, and I have now completed my Valuer registration.


What's your favourite thing about working at QV?


I've found QV to be a very supportive employer and a place where there are great opportunities to further yourself.